I failed at 9 startups

Got fired from two companies

Quit three jobs without notice

Failed out of college

Lost all my money on a bad investment

And now I do not have any money.

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    Were those your own startups? What did you get fired for?
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    That made me laugh. Sorry. I hope you get things sorted.
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    I only see an list of bad decisions from the past and how they effect you today. But there is opportunity in these lines.
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    Go get a new job, get some money on the bank, start working on a side project, once this project start making you more money then your job, quit your job, go serious about it and turn it into a startup.
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    you are legend
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    At least you have wisdom and knowledge now..
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    Perhaps you should do something completely different, you obviously suck at what you are doing now. Get a new life plan!
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    Guys it's just a rant. I'm fine and balling lmao
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    I would've told you to commit suicide but im afraid you'll fail that too. Jk thats life, good things are waiting
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