For real! Forgive me if this was already posted.

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    Can't say I've ever met someone who's purely a yaml dev.
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    YAML is so fucking stupid, I don’t know why people are using this shit.
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    Next up: txt engineer 😂
    Professional tool of choice: notepad.exe

    Fun fact: notepad.exe can now handle LF line breaks
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    @milkyway come on m8 it's the best thing to ever happen for declaring configs and settings after json in text.

    It's really great and easy to write with the right tools (vscode and such), once you get the hang of it it's really great!

    In case of this picture the HR sure missed this one up, probably meant someone with CloudFormation experience instead since all of that is purely template based and a lot of companies rely on yaml instead of json
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    @Revenger Yaml is still stupid, try Json5
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    Next, XML specialist.
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    @milkyway so much yes. Why the fuck would anyone use YAML over JSON
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    Yaml is fine actually, im just amazed with the job title. Haha
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    Ito write comments in a config file?
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    TOML ftw
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    @milkyway you talk like this cause you've never deployed anything serious
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