A senior dev I’ve interacted with only on Twitter, whom I looked up to, who has blog, newsletter, buzzword tweets and all that jingles.

Met them IRL today.
Dayum 😷
They talk about all the things they know about, on the internet. But, shocked to see how many simple things they didn’t know.

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    I know a “Twitter” developer who has 60k followers and I bet she doesn’t know shit about programming. Call it whatever you want people following her because she is pretty and social not like normal socially awkward devs.
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    @milkyway you sound like a jealous gatekeeper. If she's not a real developer, criticize her skills.
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    @pk76 Yes her programming skills are lacking, you can see it from looking at her website and what she has already built, but her social skills is what makes her famous not her programming skills.
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