Can I just say, I am NOT a fan of fixing things or doing things for people because THEY work on the WEEKENDS. I mean like I'm chilling and maybe working on some stuff or having my me time, listening to some music or whatever and that's when you have someone from an internal team in your company (not my team) come to you with a bug or some FAVOR because apparently they're working even though it's a SUNDAY. It's just ruins your whole freaking mood.

Idk if I sound cocky or whatever but I just had to let this out.

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    You are totally right. While doing favours is always a good thing, it shouldn't eat your time away, especially if it is a weekend day
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    You don't sound cocky. Weekend is your personal time and coworkers need to respect that. Some just live for programming and/or their job and assume everyone does.

    Set boundaries (= tell that person to not contact you on weekends). Better yet, be out of reach on weekends (e.g. shut down your work phone).
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