Pro tip: Don't cheap out on dongles for newer macbook models.. Bought a (somewhat) working Chinese dongle with 4 ports. Fire hazard and I think my 13" mbp just farted a fireball

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    Don't cheap out on any consumer electronics
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    Care to share which dongle? I buy a lot of these for the office and I want to make sure I avoid them (maybe).
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    @sylar182 Couldn't find the exact model (surprise surprise), but this one is nearly identical (sold under a different brand here since it's just generic Chinese crap): https://www.walmart. ca/en/ip/Mangotek-USB-C-to-HDMI-4K-Type-C-to-HDMI-Adapter-Compatible-MacBook-Pro-iMac-2017-Chromebook-Pixel-Yoga-910-Samsung-S8-S8/PRD4JJLIRXQ4OZL

    Stay away.
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    I don't get people that throw out a shitton of money for a MacBook and are then too stingy to buy decent dongles...
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