Someone just left a small turd in front of the toilet bowl and stepped on it so now there's smeared shit on the floor tiles in a toilet stall.

Must be all the caffeine I guess.
Oh, and don't stand up too fast after taking a shit apparently, since I can't fathom how that happened.

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    I don't understand why is this such a common thing. Is that like someones fetish or someone?! It's fucking disgusting... There's no way so many people in so many companies just don't know how to use a fucking toilet...
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    @Hazarth I do think it also depends on the country, but there'll still be awful mammals everywhere.
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    @Jilano Never happened before, but since we moved into an office in which we share a single big bathroom between a few companies on this floor, we started noticing some... aberrances if I may say so.
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    @SHA-16384 Lol

    I guess the user didn't want a toilet when they said "and we need a shit room right over here, in this part of the building"
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