A project called instawish...

Basically its get pictures from famous people instagram ( watches, clothes, shoes ) and allow you to project on yourself using AR (vufforia) just creating the model based on the image. Simple as hell!

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    Doesn't sound silly to me. Am I missing something? I mean apart from the AR bit
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    I can't pay more than 1000$. That should be enough, right?
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    The great problem is that the application will create a 3d model based on a simple picture without any pattern and this includes clothes. The system will need to be able to identify the stuff inside the image without any information.
    Just rocket science. :)
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    The guy offered 20% of all profit, but this is madness. This kind of idea demands too much IT resources to put in market and to this % become something interesting I will need to wait for more than a year.
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    @falonso I know. I'm working on computer graphics myself and I know how effort intensive making 3D assets is.
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