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Tl;dr: perfectly fine commandline system is replaced by bad ui system because it has a ui.

For a while now we have had a development k8s cluster for the dev team. Using helm as composing framework everything worked perfectly via the console. Being able to quickly test new code to existing apps, and even deploy new (and even third party apps) on a simar-to-production system was a breeze.

Introducing Rancher

We are now required to commit every helm configuration change to a git repository and merge to master (master is used on dev and prod) before even being able to test the the configuration change, as the package is not created until after the merge is completed.

Rolling out new tags now also requires a VCS change as you have to point to the docker image version within a file.

As we now have this awesome new system, the ops didn't see a reason to give us access to kubectl. So the dev team is stuck with a ui, but this should give the dev team more flexibility and independence, and more people from the team can roll releases.

Back to reality: since the new system we have hogged more time from ops than we have done in a while, everyone needs to learn a new unintuitive tool, and the funny thing, only a few people can actually accept VCS changes as it impacts dev and prod. So the entire reason this was done, so it is reachable to more people, is out the window.

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    Quick question, is this due to rancher itself or the way your ops team set it up?
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    @Commodore I believe it to be a combination of both, technical people using a dumbed down system. And ops having configured git instead of using a helm registery
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    Implementing rancher at the moment at work (actually a couple of instances)
    It's a new set of tools to learn for the ops team, and and when using it it should be done via the UI only
    Messing via CLI can have unwanted behaviours...
    Using kubernetes via rancher increases the qty of problematic layers

    Currently we implement environments over rancher engine or native kubernetes not kubernetes over rancher

    BTW, which rancher version are you using 2.x?

    Had many issues with 2.x about 6 month ago, and decided to let it settle for a while and stick with 1.6 for now
    After 1week to 1 month of running, rancher 2.x would start going crazy with java memory leaks 😱
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