And here's the thing: Trovalds is no superhuman being or something. Gates didn't do the impossible. They all had this "uh fuck that I may correct that later" moment.

Don't strive for perfection, do stuff outta passion my dudes and dudettes.

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    How dare you denigrate Lunis Trovalds!

    Say what you want about Fences, but leave Lunis alone!
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    @Demolishun Trovalds is a god send, he not only gave us the linus colonel but gat version control as well. Incredible!
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    @Plasticnova You mean Lunix Colonel?
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    @Demolishun 😂 damn autocorrect. Managed to do the job right the one time I needed it not to
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    It will be interesting to see if Google can follow the kernel contribution guidelines and not bully/pressure Torvalds or the other kernel devs into accepting their changes just because "Google."

    It's great when big companies contribute to open source but I feel like Google is all over the map when it comes to making meaningful contributions to "the community."
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    @SHA-16384 to be fair.. they must've been doing at least something right. So why not listen to them?
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