The worst one I've seen

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    Benjamin Button should learn how to code
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    So... you need to be a senior developer to get a Junior job? Damn
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    @nicnaknic of course. 😂
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    @Letmecode ++ for 'impudent'
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    Junior developer with 5 years senior experience happy to work for minimum wage. Must be capable to control computers with their telepathic mind, and replicate himself on demand.
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    Sometimes i feel like juniors are doing better work than the older devs... They get used to changes much faster!

    Junior btw😎
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    @needToRoll I think it has less to do with a capacity to adapt to change and far more to do with the fact that senior devs get complacent and lazy and **some** junior devs are hungry enough to take them down
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    @ReturnVoid of course it doesn't count for all of them.

    There are lots of great seniors.
    Some of them teached me some "good suff"😂
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    Copied the previous job in the CMS and forgot to update the meta information by the looks of things.

    Users suck
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    It is meant to read "Senior Developer for junior developer salary"
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