Someone really needs to change the look of 'I' and 'l'
Guess what the first one is a capital i and the second one is a lower case L
This gets really confusing!

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    l couldn't agree more
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    Depends on a font
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    Use a font that adds a little flourish to the lowercase "l"s, e.g. Fira
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    Try a serif font or a sans serif mentioned here: https://ux.stackexchange.com/questi...
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    Oohhhhh don’t even get me started with I and l.. O and 0. Just had to deal with this recently when our product was launched that has invite code based signup. And guess what, people always wrongly typed these characters.

    Lesson learnt: don’t include these characters when generating short UUIDs
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    Haha Confluence and Jira uses fonts that do this. I hate it.
    And on my personal ID card (Germany) you can't see if it's a O or 0. I Googled it and found that they don't use Os on them so it's always a zero. Good to know.
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