Development is a team sport.

If you think you can do something better but your team doesn't understand it or can't work with them. You have two options: Teach them or don't do it.

This task seems easy but teach and tell are different things. Prepare to repeat things over and over again and give up your own time to share the knowledge.

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    Wise words. This is what makes a lead developer.
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    Being able to effectively communicate is a foreign concept to some of my fellow devs.
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    @pyrotazz which is sad because it kills so much potential
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    What if I am the guy that puts out the fires the other devs can't solve for weeks because I actually try to understand the problem.

    How do you teach problem solving skills? And curiosity?
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    @allanx2000 we do everything we can to do that yes
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    @allanx2000 I think all you can do is "pair debug" the problem with someone. And talk out what you are thinking. It may not work because you can teach a language or library, but teaching a mind-set is much harder. But it could be worth a try.
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    @allanx2000 That's something that they should've already been thought while studying. If they have to learn this kind of basics on the job, it's already too late in my opinion.
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    @allanx2000 Good point, you can only teach those whom are truly interested in learning
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    @allanx2000 most of the time it can be wrong practices causing mess up later. You can point out the wrongs after declaring firsthand that insult is not your intent but improvement..
    Also you can do pair debugging to give another team member a feel of debugging / problem solving.
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