“Written in pure React”

What’s impure react then? React with angular? Or with jquery?

For fuck's sake

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    @groxx Why would anyone do that?
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    If you ask that question, regarding JS, you've already lost.
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    @metamourge Come on, I'm trying to be rational.
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    Angular app with parts done in React and jQuery. I saw project like this. Once.
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    They just extended every component with React.PureComponent
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    A php app where each page/app within is wrapped around a react app.

    Sounds horrible but I know that horror all to well.
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    One can use the waterfall method and have a watered down react
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    @M1sf3t that is a good idea anyway! However react is doing only one task, it does not solve complete problems like jQuery does so it does not do well in a bubble.
    React can be matched with a great variety of tools though (like mobx or redux)
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    @M1sf3t of course you can. But it is a bit like writing your own gui or OS a bit unlikely at larger scope application. Don't need node though.

    My real best guess would be that pure is a fashion word like raw, core and vanilla
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