*came in this morning to see this conversation in slack from the remote teams*

Dev: Hey guys, I'm trying to push to the develop branch, telling me its locked. Is there a new process?

Lead dev: Yes I locked it because the repo is now dead, the last release that went out is the last for this year and ever for this app. Were merging this app with another, starting from the last release's code. We'll all have to swap over to the new repo soon.

Dev: ... eh ok I didn't put anything in the last release branch as it wasn't urgent. Normally our process is anything in /develop goes out in the new year. I've been merging to /develop for the last few weeks ... is that code now gone?
*14 question mark emoji reactions*

Lead dev: Yes
*27 angry emoji reactions*

Engineering manager: WHAT? when was this decided? When was it communicated?

Lead dev: oh I assumed my product counterpart had been spreading the messages around, have they not?

Several teams: no, nope, first i'm hearing of it.

Lead dev: Ok, i'll ask them what happened. Be aware then that most of the stuff thats going into develop now, most likely won't be allowed in until March. They want to prioritise releasing this new merged app and don't want anything to impact it.

Dev: So wait, i'm working on stuff now. What do I do? Where do I base the branch? Where do I merge?

<no response>

*My team comes into the office*

Dev: eeehhh ... what does this mean for our past 4 weeks of work? and all the stuff needed to go out in January?

Me: not.a.fucking.clue

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    You couldn't make this shit up
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    communication, communication, communication
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    What the fuck?
    Someone find that lead dev, and hit him with a brick.
    But before this - check your email, and spam folder..
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    Communications at its best ....
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    Every time I get notified of your post, my outlook towards my life gets more positive. 'Shit ain't that bad after all.' Or 'it could be worse, just look at @practiseSafeHex 's feed.'
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    @dr-ant kind of like "hey, look at Syria" but in a more relatable fashion
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    @magicMirror Eh, fuck email, exactly for that reason. People don't read email, shit gets stuck in spamfilters, people send shit to firstname when the company uses initial-dot-lastname. Email is deprecated as a communication method for me.

    You know that saying "This meeting could have been an email"?

    Sometimes, an email should really be a meeting.

    Especially when it's about permanent changes to the way of working of a whole team.

    Also, there's these awesome modern chat tools like Slack (or discord, whatever) -- and there's bots for polls, votes, must-reads, etc.

    So yeah. Fuck email.
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    @bittersweet ironically, I rant in exactly the same way about slack. My opinion is that critical communications should always be email. (Ex. Require a read receipt if Earth shattering critical importance)
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    @monkeyboy Haha good we're not working at the same company. Haven't opened my mail since early 2017.
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    @bittersweet never said it ia the right way to do it.
    But sometimes idiots communicate using that crap - mostly Corps still using that
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    Still don't get how this shit can happen. In our team any kind of major impact on the software is discussed with everyone.

    We got some remotes, still we communicate daily and it's unimaginable something like this had the slightest chance of happening.

    In this case I auto-blame the lead dev from the second I read "I assumed".

    What the fuck.
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    @magicMirror lmao I can imagine someone bringing a brick to work and calmly checking their emails....
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    I keep a brick under my desk at all times, and always check my email. The brick helps making sure ppl keep me in the loop.

    Too much experience, I guess....
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    @practiseSafeHex probably a new js framework
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    @webdev sorry I didn't hear you could you say that again
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