Is it mean to tell someone you can't help them with their coding problem because you can't take the way they smell?

A coworker of mine has some major BO mixed with cigarette smoke and it makes it hard to focus as I try to help me.

Am I an asshole?

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    Don't be a douche in the way you tell them.

    Other than that, it's not being an asshole imo.
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    I've had to face that multiple times.
    I just try to not focus on the smell and be out as soon as possible.
    If I'm asked for help multiple times during that day, I try to resolve it through chat or screen share.
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    @Stuxnet how do you tell someone that they smell without being an asshole?
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    I've told someone before to remove their gym tshirt (caused unbearable stench around my desk area) because of the odour. But only because I know them well. But if it were body odour, I don't think I'd be able to ask them to do something about it.
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    Voice chat?
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    If you make sure you smell worse, they'll never come and ask you for help.
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    What's bo?
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    @netikras body odour.
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    @dr-ant thanks! I figured business owner doesn't really fit the context :)
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    Two of my colleagues have MO. It's so bad that even when they're sitting at another desk close to me and they sigh or talk, I can smell it.
    When they come to me for help and I can't bear it, I usually tell them I don't know how to solve it, and they leave to ask someone else.
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    @wifi offer them chewing gum every now and then?
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    There is a lady in the office that wears far too much perfume. An exec asked me if people were not including her because sexism. I pointed out the overwhelming smell and the executive said, “I can’t go tell her to fix her smell.” To which I replied, “Neither can the people that are excluding her either apparently.”
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    No you are not. I wish you the best of luck with that. I wouldn't blame you if you just told him.
    Not that I would, since I'm a coward lol.
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