From the director of the department within a large investment bank: "We will be looking into converting all Java code to Cobol because it is easier to work with".

Needless to say I started looking for a new job that night.

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    I hate Java, but... You know... It's at least not COBOL...
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    From java to cobol? Someone call 911 ur boss is on fire 😝😂😂😂
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    Easier to work with..... riiiiight.
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    Yeah good luck creating a web server in COBOL lol. This was a company that the IT department had management who would "talk the talk" but refused to keep up with technology. It was all a Bullshit facade. And so the upper management were people who haven't coded anything in 20+ years.

    Worse, they only promoted people who sounded like they knew what they were talking about but really had no clue. I got yelled at in front of clients for using design patterns and using parent/child classes. Instead I should "use a lot of if/else's because it is easier to read".

    Meanwhile we would have JSPs that couldn't compile on the server because they were too large and the server didn't have enough memory.
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    @Yankeesrule Sounds like the hall of fame of the scariest places for programmers to be in material. If Jurassic Park is any guide, don't mess with dinosaurs man. Run for your life!
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    @azzuwan oh, I left there years ago. Thank god.
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