Hooking up a raspberry pi to the smart tv and installing LibreELEC(Kodi) on it, is the best thing I have ever for the family’s tv.
It even works with the smart tv remote:)

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    @gudishvibes haha, yeah it did:), even has easy ssh and ftp and AirPlay, can I leave it running 24/7/365?
    Like if the cpu is running 20-40% at idle.
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    Is your TV not DLNA capable ?
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    @une-poule well we have a huge curved Samsung smart tv, which has a lot of cool features, one of them is screen sharing, but you can only do that with androids I think. Also kodi offers so much more then screen sharing, AirPlay, YouTube, a fucking working browser, it’s own storage for movies and all kinds of other cool apps like games and radio:)
    It’s really helping out the family:)
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    Any RaspberryPi with Kodi hooked up to a TV is better than any Smart TV solution available!
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    Plan to do so with a 50-inch tv (not smart). I have the model without wifi (it was a gift) and I have not received the adapter yet. It does not work with the tv remote, but I've tried it with an amazon basic gamepad
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