As a Developer, we go through all kinds of situations. There are happy moments and there are frustrations.

What I've seen is, my colleagues use booze to chill and put out their stress. I dont drink nor smoke. I feel, i need something to put out my stress. Any suggestions?

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    Have sex
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    ^^ what he said

    Or do some physical activity. Hike. Stroll. Join the gym. Spend time on a hobby. Spend time in nature.

    I also neither drink nor smoke (not an abstinent, it's just I prefer having a clear head). I have a homestead in the nature. Gardening does help a great lot to cope with whatever is bothering me. Just me, my veggies and the nature.

    I also walk at least 10 km each day. A path by the river, a bit further from the streets. That also helps :)
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    @Nanu sex leads to kids , kids lead to lego, lego leads to all kinds of enjoyment.
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    I use gaming, sex and smoke. But gaming could be enough, I just stopped playing that much. Also I did a lot of sport / workout to like.. Shut down my brain.
    Sport is way more addictive than I thought
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    @torbuntu ah the days of duplo, I kinda miss the roof high towers being built with those. Takes far longer with lego 😂
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    @C0D4 and stress in form of pain when you step on it :)
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    @C0D4 LEGO and Duplo are compatible. You can do a bunch of macro building with duplo then cover it with LEGO. It impresses people that don’t know.
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    For me it’s weed. And video games. Sometimes I’ll lost my self in a game of Civilization, some times Heroes of might of magic. These times : classic wow in “rpg” mode.
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    do some sport, at least once a week for 30 minutes. that will help a lot to comfort your brain.
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    Play a instrument it can really help you relax. But it can be hard to get into doing.
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    Chilling out after work is good, but I think you should ideally deal with it while working. Being stressed for 8 hours will still hurt your health, even if you spend 16 hours relaxing afterwards.
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    I can think of at least one thing
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    Try mastering your bates.
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    Start meditation
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