>first time working for big tech company
>first couple days with no sudo, cant setup environment :(
>first couple days mostly debating new peers on if water is wet

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    Is it?
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    Here in the desert we avoid the question because there just isn't any.
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    I’ve had that argument before as well, concluded that water is not wet as using the word wet in that context is nonsensical. I still feel pretty good about that conclusion, but I’m open to arguments lol

    Just to give an example, you wouldn’t say fire is burnt
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    @alexbrooklyn @Plasticnova water is NOT WET.

    I dont care if I'm the new guy and also the only one defending that position in the office- water is not wet.

    I could go on about this all day
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    @Plasticnova fire is plasma, however the object sustaining the fire IS burnt

    In similar fashion, the water's surface is recursively infinitely covered in water so its infinitely wet
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    water is;
    - covered by itself
    - liquid
    did I win?
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    @gkaply532 how is water covering itself- it is literally it's own self
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    water does not follow WET principles.
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