Uber Driver: What do you do, Sir?
Me: I'm an Engineer. What about you?
Uber Driver: I'm a Uber Driver.
Me: :/

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    That isn't awful, a lot of drivers I've spoken to drive as a 2nd job
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    @torpkev 2nd job is the key that a lot of people seem to be missing. The guy's minimum answer should've been something to affect of, I drive for uber, I deliver for waitr and I service vehicles for fiix... In other words that's the beauty of those services, your daily income isn't dependent on the amount of need for a specific task
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    @M1sf3t or it means you have to work 3shifts to get the money to pay the bills. :/
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    Me: cool wanna see pictures of my penis?
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    @Voxera but that was my point, it's not shift work. I don't know what the specific numbers are for any one service but you can't directly fault them unless those numbers don't translate to an equivalent salary assuming you were taking fares your entire "shift".

    The reason being is when your not taking a fare your on your own time and free to do whatever you want. If you were at a business you would be stuck at the business doing some meaningless task the manager come up with to make you look busy. Even with a legit taxi service, your stuck in the car, driving around looking for fares.

    They pay you to do that b/c they've translated what they project the cost of keeping you on x amount of extra hours just for one or two jobs into the cost of just those one or two jobs, so it's to their gain if you happen across an extra fare while your there. But that gain is to the cost of the customer's pocketbook and the employee's time in which they could be doing something productive
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    @M1sf3t well, thats how its ideally is advertised, but I have read plenty of articles telling another story, that “free time” is almost required to be spent waiting around close to where there might come a ride, or some other driver will snatch it.

    Uber recently added new rules preventing drivers to pick a ride if they are to far away, making it more like a normal taxi job, but without the security of employment.

    Remember, your not an employee, your one partner offering services to Uber and they will always go for the partner that are willing to spend the most “free time” ready to do their bidding.

    For some this might work well, but for most, it will be just a less profitable taxi job with less security.
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    @Voxera I don't want to destroy your counter
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- thanks did not notice :)
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    @Voxera the struggle is real.
    No problem 😂
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