webpack vs. browserify?

What do you use these days and why?

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    I use Brunch because it is faster than both and creates bundles half the size.

    That being said, development has seemingly slowed down lately so either they are up to something or i should be worried.
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    @nblackburn setting brunch up is definitely much nicer, but in the end it still bundles your scripts into one file or two for vendors.

    I'm trying to figure out if webpacks module boundling serves me any good if i'm not making huge single page apps and if browserify is still ok for standard webpage templates that weight around 250kb on JS together with dependencies in the end.
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    @orijin There is a new one called StealJS that might suffice.
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    @nblackburn nice! didn't catch this one.

    i looked into systemjs and jspm, now i have another one to evaluate!

    how am i going to survive all this!? :D
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    @orijin Not many do, it was nice to meet you...
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