Handy guide to webpack:

1. Copy-paste stuff from internet until it works.

That's it!

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    Goddamn you rant a lot nowdays
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    2. Don't use webpack 😉
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    @Dacexi I was just about to say that...

    Maybe need to Unsubscribe....
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    @billgates come on m8 it's hard to stop when I am working 24/7
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    @billgates but you should unsub me for a while if you are getting annoyed. I will let you know when I have cooled down 😋
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    @tahnik is your working 24/7 how do you have time to post rants.

    Problem with Subs in general I think is I don't check the main feed much nowadays...
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    @tahnik yea guess I'm getting too much tahnik, need a bit more variety... No offense 😁
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    https://github.com/kenpeter/.... I need to understand each term deeper
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    Pretty much the entirety of my programming skill set right there. I suffer constantly from "what do I type next" syndrome.
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    Handy guide to front end:

    Don't build it and tell end-users they can simply use their favorite command line http utility to request json objects.
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    Exactly what I did when my boss asked to implement webpack in our project ^^
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    Webpack is inspired by Git. Only the author understands it.
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    I was completely overwhelmed by webpack, so I cheated and used laravel-mix instead.

    Its like a layer on top of webpack with simpler options. Good starting point, but I should learn webpack properly.
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    Webpack has a nice documentation. If you take the time to read it, you will know what you're doing.
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    The best way to learn webpack, even front end is that I need to understand each term in a deep level. Eg. What is entry? What is output? I will go through individual tutorial and YouTube and understand the fuck out of it. This way, i know exactly what I am doing.
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    @kenpeter wow, there is no coincidence.

    My next task is to set up webpack for our custom cms

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