Does anyone else have a mini heart attack when you touch your pockets and can't feel your phone for a second?

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    All the time! Also my Fitbit - which I lost 2 already 😬
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    Usually happens when my phone is in my other hand.
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    And you start to look around like a crazy person to spot it.
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    Sometimes I get phantom vibrations and I think my phone is altering me of something... 😐
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    It is worse when you are holding it in your other hand!
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    Not only phone, wallet too
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    Flaming in your pocket Samsung Galaxy Note 7 style? Never.
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    @Swifticus plus plus on the phantom vibrations. Also, apparently my phone has vibrated as it should and I haven't noticed the phone call.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 you have no idea how often this happens to me lmao
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    Yesterday I had the same and looked to the other hand thinking that the phone is there like it used to be every time before. But it wasn't there. I really left it in the gym. 😁
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    All the time, especially since my phone case is also my wallet. Fortunately when I really can't find it I have a smart watch to send it a message and start ringing.
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    Absolutely! In fact, is a little adrenaline discharge. Really HATE when it happens.
    BTW: A colleague at work lost his new, shiny, non subsidized iPhone. We had to call emergency services: The poor guy suffered a panic attack...
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