100$ a year, and this is the detailed crash info...

100$ a year...

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    Where's the call stack? You get at least that, right?
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    @Avyiel nope, no call stack, just a crash file with a list of memory addresses and binaries, which does not actually show anything like "failure/error/unexpected EOF"
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    @dakkarant I think it crashed because the battery was at 56%. Try again at 57% and tell us the result.
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    "You're programming it wrong."(tm)
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    Can' you see crash info in XCode?
    Open Organizer window -> Go to crashes tab (or whatever it was called) it should be there.

    I always find them there, but I depend more on Sentry tbh
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    Wow, so much useless info. I'm surprised it doesn't also say who the PM is.
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    @gitpush this is a crash report from a user
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    Try Fabric/Crashalytics. We used it for every ios app.
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    Does this flag make a difference?
    Because I set it to help fellow developers out.
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    You gotta use some 3rd party crash reporting tools such as firebase and upload the latest symbols files to the 3rd party site in order to decode the call stack.

    Can’t depend on Apple for anything except for hosting the app on the store.
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