It's so annoying when your colleague dev says: "It's just a 30minutes task, I'm sure you'll do it in lesser time" NO I CAN'T!!!

Did anyone else had this kinda situation? :/

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    It's a variation of..

    "Hey can you write this app thats like uber, but for xyz? The last guy I asked (lies) said he could do it in a couple days for $100."

    The answer is to take upfront payment (i'm joking) and then make sure they don't know your name or where you live, work, or anything about you.
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    "devrant" is NOT for "developer rant" because there are NO sales, HR and finance folks here to rant. It's for stuff about the devRant platform.
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    @Fast-Nop oh okay.. i didn't know which tags to add so I randomly added developer.
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    All the time!
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    i'm thinking: we are both devs... why do you ask me to do your job!? i have my own stuff to do! stop bothering me and get back to work!!
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    @hasanadeem if you want to rant, the "rant" tag alone will do
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