C is still relevant

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    cobol is still relevant
    darkest, not dankest
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    "used" ≠ "relevant"
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    Have you tried Rust?

    Fuck C and fuck C++
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    @12bitfloat yes!
    I find C++ to be acceptable, but since learning Rust I see no reason to still use C.
    (Other than existing libraries maybe)
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    @12bitfloat Rust is so hard though

    golang is better
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    @12bitfloat @Raccoondude

    And let the wars begin hehehehe

    I still would choose C/C++ from these but that's if you ask my preference.
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    @DubbaThony I do like c++, it was one of the few langs I picked up from last year

    Really nice lang ngl
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    @Raccoondude Go is pretty bad to be honest. As a web backend language it's fine but that's it
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    C++ ftw 😁😁
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    @12bitfloat I love C, I have mixed feelings with C++, and idk where I am with Rust. I like most of the syntax, and I absolutely love the docs. I will eventually pick it up, but I’m gonna wait for now.
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    @Bubbles When you're tired of the outdated ecosystem and the fragile design decisions of C(++), Rust is a refreshing surprise
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    @12bitfloat I know C has flaws but everything does so I don’t hold a lot against it.
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    @Raccoondude go is garbage collected and needs a runtime and rust doesn't. Now pick whatever you want that suits the job.
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    @DubbaThony classic wars between people that don't know either language :D
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    I am developing the firmware for Microsoft Azure Sphere controllers at work. They have some Linux running in the background and your "firmware" basically is an application running on it.

    And believe it or not, they only understand C. After years of C++ support on Arduino, this is still an impossible task for Microsoft in 2019. Don't even think about stuff like rust and go.
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    IDK, i love C for simplicty (and now someone will throw at my face that low level programmkng cant be simple, or that it has harder concepts and requires some low level knowlage, and to this i have one response - language is simple. Learning machine is other story, yet its universal story for low level programming, there is minimal amount of "magic" going on that may not have low level explanation. And syntax is clean, dosent contain unnesesart BS. But I wish it would have few cpp features), and i like cpp for beeing close to c with its syntax, and having proper OOP. Cpp would achieve perfection IMHO if you could use its full potential without frking macros. Would choose cpp or c over rust/go any day.
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    similar to how I felt coding in rust.
    those are links provided in zig's article https://github.com/ziglang/zig/...

    zig is a young but promising language similar to C with influences from many other langs.
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    Golang is not a great systems programming language, for the simple reason of having a garbage collector. Rust in my opinion, is the only legit replacement for C.

    Golang is not a great web backend either, at least not the classic monolithic MVC stuff.

    What Go is amazing at, is microservices, integration pipelines, middlewares, API gateways, data worker scripts, crawlers, that sort of thing.

    It's super easy to learn, it's ugly, it performs very well (better than python, but not well enough for systems integration), requires very little tooling/dependencies (unlike JS), and works best in small modules.

    Imagine you have some incoming webhook. You want to react to it by querying 5 other APIs in parallel, stitching the data together, buffering it in redis, then on every 100th webhook call you want to load the bulk data from redis, posting it to a fourth API, then writing a log record with aggregates to BigQuery.

    That's when a few Golang services are a great choice :)
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    @jesustricks I actually seen it before Δ…nd for first look liked it quite a bit, but it wasn't stable back then. Will revisit it in future though.
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    Rust has it's place to build high performance, complex, native apps

    C has it's place to build really high performance, low memory, never done before, native apps

    Fuck C++
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    @MagicSowap C for native apps sounds like a disaster. To make anything halfway approximating good you would basically have to reimplement large parts of the C++ std lib anyways. And Rust can be as fast or even faster than C in some cases
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    @12bitfloat i want to try it but i have been putting it off for so many days.
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