A stranger with a German sounding name send me over 400 euros through PayPal.

Probably a scam. Can't open a dispute with PayPal because I am on the receiving end.

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    At least in germany, you cannot sue somebody for receiving money from you, if they started the transaction. They have to make sure they send the money correctly you do not have to check where the money is from and do a refund. Unless you are a politician.
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    German sounding name -> You are safe because of the comment above mine
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    @EdoPhoenix But you do have to make a refund if requested to do so - possible transaction fees subtracted of course.
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    @Fast-Nop still no scamming potential. And from personal experience I can tell you the refunding wont happen unless it's more than 1k.
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    Exactly. The way this works is: they transfer money to you from a hacked account, then after a while they contact you and ask to send the money to XYZ via Western Union or something. If/When the source account owner files a dispute, and the transaction gets reverted, you'll be out of what you received, and out of what you sent.
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    Former PayPal risk/fraud specialist (until those assholes fired me)

    Just refund it most likely someone fat fingered an email address and it was sent to you by mistake (happened ALL the Time!)

    The sender can not take any action on a refunded transaction and it get refunded to the funding source and all fees are returned. Back in the day yeah sure it was a mess but they have their shit together now.

    In fact I am glad they fired me, got me into web development and their former 3k agent fraud department is down to a few hundred thanks to machine learning so...
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    Oh and that works depending on the country and banking laws...just don’t plan on having a PP account again.
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    The refund is referenced to the orginal transaction. It’s impossible for it to be refunded again. Trust me former fraud employee.

    Just don’t send the money back in a payment that is not always referenced.

    Hit the refund button!
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    One more comment, PayPal processes millions of transactions minute for huge retailers and also other payment processors like Apple Pay.

    Do you guys really think their programmers suck so bad they haven’t implemented simple logic to not allow a refunded transaction to be refunded again?

    Really guys? I expected better from devRanters.
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    How about you contact pp support?
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    @katbreitin well yes, paypal does suck donkey balls in many ways. Their checkout lib adds 1MB to my Website!!! No shit. Paypal is the fucking worst, they don't even refund Transaktion fees anymore. Paypal needs to go, even ebay realised that. Wake up! :/
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    Venmo works much better - thank god
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