I am an stupid human being. How many times should I experience the same problem to learn from it? I don’t know why should I possibly be obsessed by latest MacOS updates? This fucking error ruined my day. Those fucking idiot coders in Apple must use some unit tests (including transparent iTerm in second display). Fuck you all. My £1600 Macbook pro is literally useless until some fucking coder finds what is wrong in their NEW update.

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    You got what you paid for
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    That's why you always wait, especially these days. It usually doesn't take long for news of them fucking up to hit the wire tho so give it three or four days next time and you should be good.
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    Quality is inversely proportional to profit margin
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    Just boot to single-use--
    > catalina
    oh, right

    welp, you made your choice.
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