Why there is always a communication gap between designers and developers? A designer should always think from a developer's perspective if a design is feasible or not. Just making a mess of waves in the front end won't make a good design.

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    If designers are able to think from a developer's point of view, they wouldn't be designers...
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    @kamen True that ! , but only solution i think is work collaboratively with team
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    @kamen When you're working in a team, you should understand the resources and caliber of your developers.
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    No they shouldn't like devs don't have to know anything about graphic design. That's the point where they meet and discuss whats doable, what's not.
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    I noticed by experience that "peer designing" for a few hours with them helps them realize dev constraints (like THE FACT THAT A SCREEN CAN BE SOMETHING ELSE THAN 1280PX WIDE FFS!)

    Seriously, if you have the opportunity to try, it's worth it.
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