Hey DevRant,
I know there is a range of devs here from novice to expert. So I wanted to get feedback on a platform I was building.

Essentially it's a web platform where Devs can authenticate with their Github profiles and all their repos (non-forked) and pulled to the website to quickly create a portfolio for the users. I currently have two templates users can switch between I plan on adding more if it begins to catch on.

Besides that users will be able to message and find each based on their skills to possibly connect with one another to work on projects together.

I have a lot of features I want to implement, but it wouldn't make sense to do those things now, I would have to wait for the user base to reach a certain milestone.

So I just wanted to share it and get everyone's feedback and possibly if you see value in it to share it with their own companions

Link: http://dev-chain.herokuapp.com

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