My uncle was right, I should've gone for hotel management instead of being computer nerd.
My bartender friends think I'm more successful than them, but guess who's Virgin in his twenties and fixing bugs on a friday night..

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    You should have gone for pornography if you wanted sex so badly. Poor you. See where you are right now. A guy with a sustainable income and good knowledge. Shame.
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    I was virgin until 24, not ashamed of it.

    "Success" can be very subjective, if what you wanted was to get laid every day with different girls instead of coding, then yes, you are not successful.

    But then again, you must do what you enjoy, I'm not saying that over-working in tech stuff is the right way. I enjoy my job nevertheless, but my life is not my job, so I got to do other stuff.
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    None of the things you mentioned are related.
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    The job isn't the problem...
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    Hotel Management? Seriously? Screw that. It's boring as hell, and basically a dead-end unless you manage to make it near the top, and you can't actually make it to the top because you're not a billionaire or part of the mob. And even if you mange to make it to upper management, you're still managing a freaking hotel. Even if it's a nice one, it's still a hotel. Why would you want to? I don't know! I've never understood it.

    Source: I live in Las Vegas. It's the most popular major here.

    Amusingly, everyone I've ever known that pursued a degree in hotel management just sort of disappeared, and I never heard from them again. 🤔 But I'm a reclusive nerd, so people disappearing from my life is not exactly unheard of.
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    @Root they're most likely working as bartenders. That's the reality for 90% of the hotel managers I've ever met, sooner or later they all figured out there is more money and less headache serving alcohol or dealing cards.
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    Make that 95%, I did know a guy that was trying his luck with retailing through amazon for two or three years. Someone mentioned the other day he gave up and went back to bartending.

    Seems he got tired of amazon undercutting his margins within a week of him getting decent lead on something.
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    I know a fat and ugly man and he has a sexy girlfriend.

    Hes in IT.
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    By the way that person is me ;)
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    Hotel management is a choice career for aspiring serial killers
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    @Plasticnova I thought that was blood spatter forensics?
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    @Santaclauze lol teach me master!!
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    @Root Dexter was a necessary evil, much like hotel management
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    @retard attitude brah! And some coins ;) actually its not me and that dude owns an it company.he has a lot of coins.
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