Hi guys my pc is infected by a ransomware called Djvu does anyone know what to do?

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    This seems like a good place to start.
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    Try Malwarebytes
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    Wipe it and restore a backup.
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    Kill it, kill it with fire.
    Might I also suggest less porn and .exe downloads 😏

    On a serious note, wipe it and may you have a backup to restore from.
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    @C0D4 Nah, porn ain't bad.
    Shady .exe's on the other hand...
    Next time you wanna try something use a sandbox or a VM.
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    @dindin shady .exes for sure, or word docs these days and being dumb enough to enable the macros.

    I guess it depends how hmm what's the word, unconventional, that porn is....
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    Burn that motherfucker. Burn it to the ground!
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    @C0D4 Do you think the invoice.pdf.exe I received from acc0unting@micr0shaft[.]xyz might not have been legit??

    @OP, I presume you have regular online and offline backups according to the 3-2-1 scheme, so it shouldn't be a problem rolling back to last weeks backup, right... RIGHT?!
    (yeah, me neither, I should really get back to implementing that)
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    @gathurian that email, man that's so legit. I hate it when Microsoft go and change their emails.

    Ooh they even starting using .xyz domains - those are secure right? Riggghhhttt????

    Yea that invoice is in a PDF, but ms are so nice to even bundle adobe reader with it so you have no reason not to be able to open it, perfectly safe 😂
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    My advice is to reformat. Even running malwarebytes and all that, there’s still a slight risk of something else dormantly infected. Heck, even your router could be compromised through SSH.
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    Thank u very much guys i wiped the and there is no way to decrypt the data 😔
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