Ok, so I basically spent my weekend trying to work out why the fuck my python docker container would not connect to my mariadb docker container. Tried fucking everything, bridged network, host network, links (even though theyre deprecated), you name it. It would NOT WORK!

In my despair I finally turned to StackOverflow. There I was told 5min after posting the question that the reason was probably that mysql is a quite heavy service, which takes a bit to start up.

I thought to myself "Oh, get the fuck outta here, that can't be it, shit's way too easy to work!"
I tried it nevertheless by adding a 10sec delay before querying the database AND THE MOTHERFUCKING PIECE OF SHIT ACTUALLY WORKS!! So, I essentially just lost a weekend because I was too impatient... I think I'm gonna punch some trees now.

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    You can punch other things, without harming the nature. For example xxxxx or xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx.
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    @stop If I break a tree because I punched it, Imma go apply at Mojang for the role lf Steve
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    @gathurian it's not about the physical damage, it's about transferring the bad juju to an entity that doesn't deserve it at all. how would you feel if someone shouted at you to let off steam from getting bitten by a snake that they themselves provoked?
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    Also on the topic of punching trees:
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