I was writing a looong rant and accidentally clicked outside the form in desktop modal...RIP

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    And then opened a new Form to rant about the lost rant
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    Ranting about a rant that couldn't exist.
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    Always Ctrl+C, just in case :)
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    Write your rant in a text editor and copy it, that's what I do usually
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    If only applications would auto-save every X minutes/etc...

    Or like Facebook appears to do, every single character..

    Or at least, it seems to be sending every single character away someplace !

    Just doesn't then give it back to you when you want it !
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    Though in Windows its a crapshoot as that only works 99.9% of the time..
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    The trick then is to find a 100% reliable text editor that doesn't crash !

    I remember WordStar was hard to break.. (Never did break it !)
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    It was probably too long anyway and you'd have to end up editing it and replacing all the two with 2's and and's with &'s to fit it into the space allowed..

    It's like being back in time to early 1980's !

    Though by the mid 80's, you was allowed 2,000 characters in a message. (At least in the system I wrote.) and towards the end of the 80's, 65,535 characters !

    You'd think by now, it would a million !
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    @Nanos sublime?
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    What...? I can click out of modal any time, then come back to it, and my unsent content is still there.
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    @NOPSledRider I like your username btw
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