What do you guys do, if you don’t know which keywords to google for your particular problem ?

Wish me luck, I tried to ask on Stackowerflow.
If I’m not responding later, send help!

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    Use bing
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    Use the power of the duck.
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    Make a post explaining a wrong solution for your problem. Someone will come and tell you the "right way".
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    @Jilano hey, I was gonna suggest that.
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    Type the problem is generic form in google. Look for words that might match your issue. Refine your question. Repeat.
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    sounds generic, but it works 95% of the time.
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    This happens to me a lot. Try redefining the problem.

    No: "why do I get a, when I expect b?"

    Yes: "why do I expect b? And what is b really? How does it differ from a?"

    Yes: "functions take things in, do some stuff, and return something else. So I'm putting in x,y,z and getting a. But I want to get b. So what should I put in to get there? What do those change?"

    Also make sure what you want is what you actually want. Don't end up with an XY problem.
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