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    Jesus Christ, that’s just unacceptable. 😂
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    I was about to go to bed... why do this to me now?
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    Key word here is Blue Prism.. that platform is broken beyond rescue
    - Former BP 'dev', managed to get my employer to invest in UiPath too (instead)
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    @namnbyte from what I understand, ALL of these low-code, money-grabbing RPA tools are rotten at their core.
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    oh my gosh. There is no excuse. .NET has an array of serialization frameworks. It would have been less work to create an object, set the properties and serialize it to JSON.
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    Find the person who wrote this and beat some sense into them with a programming textbook.
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    @delegate212 and they know how to do it! They use encodeToJsonString!
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    This is the kind of shit I throw keyboards at people for, HR are going to come after me one day.

    Wait... you have "encode to json string" as a fucking method, and this fucker still managed to mangle this thing together.
    Time to buy a new keyboard, this fucker is getting whacked!
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    Hang on wait. `Integer.Parse(ID).ToString`, a.k.a, the best way to significantly impact performance.
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    I request the services of stabby penguin
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    What is wrong with this coder who thought of doing this, now I don't want to see any more code for the rest of the day.
    I stopped reading after I saw the variable names.
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