tl;dr Either I'm being incredibly touchy, or half of everyone I've interacted with is being a total jerk to me today.

I also feel like I'd be overreacting if I responded in a bitchy way, so =/ I must be nice despite everyone's behavior.

I don't want to people today.
I want to sleep.

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    Getting ignored, getting talked over, people ignoring me and playing office games instead of looking at a new feature they themselves requested -- while i'm still standing there, uncalled for passive aggressiveness (response to a slack message: "didn't you see i was talking to people?" wow, you can respond whenever you like. jeez), overly terse and annoyed responses when talking about work projects, etc.

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    @Root demons, you need an exorcist
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    It's one of those days. I feel you on that one
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    When the workplace lets you down
    and there’s nowhere for you to turn,
    Cause all of your coworkers have let you down,
    Then you try to accumulate,
    But the workplace is full of hate,
    So all of your best starts just drift into space.

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    @Root eh well aren't you a self-proclaimed misanthropic anyway?
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    @Puroguramingu Yep. and today I extra hate everyone.

    On a related note, I found an :oncoming_bus: emoji in Slack today and found it highly amusing. Thought about using it as a reaction emoji more than a few times. Like on a comment from someone who was complaining that she doesn't want to do more work than what's absolutely required, even if it's a personal project. Talk about uselessly lazy.
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    I kinda peopled today. At least I went and got a haircut in preparation for peopling today.
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    @Root that seems one ‘good’ days.

    It happens, but rejoice it can be worse.
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    @Root I've days like this too. I blame it on hormones and the weather. I try to remember if I can feel like that so can others so I try not to let it affect me too much.
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    Spirits up, pull through, sleep as much as you can once you're out. Sometimes the world is a bitch.
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    Booooooooo snowflakes be hating. We need dab emojis ๐Ÿ™…‍โ™€๏ธthis will have to do
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    Trust me this week's been one for the dogs. Non-stop onslaught. Take care! No one's gonna do it for you
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