Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE the stability of slack (and electron apps in general)?

Got notified of a new message in slack, clicked the channel and this is what I see, even after a restart. No content or UI controls of any kind are being rendered. No workspaces, no loading spinners, no errors, no warnings ... just nothing.

I don't give a fuck about your integrations, apps, giphy, video calls, search, threading ... I just want to read text.

Piece of fucking shit

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    Why would this have anything specifically to do with electron apps?
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    @ScriptCoded Because electron builds the user interface?
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    Oh, so I'm not the only one having issues with electron apps on MacOs? Sweet!

    On my machine, after it wakes up from sleep mode, all electron apps seem to randomly freeze up where the UI does nothing, doesn't react to input and nothing short of app restart helps.

    Happens with Slack and Discord both.
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    @Batburger Nothing about that screenshot points to it being electron's fault. Might just as well be an issue with the app itself.
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    @Aldar Does pressing Cmd + R in said apps solve the issue?
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    @Jilano never thought of that, will try when it next freezes (tomorrow, home atm and it happens on work laptop)
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    @Jilano Happened now again, and yes, CMD+R reloads the entire interface and it becomes responsive again. Thanks. Still though, wish it didn't happen at all.
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    @Aldar Glad to hear that but I can indeed imagine that no freeze at all would be better
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    Slack seems to be getting worse year by year. Not to mention the fact it sometimes blocks the upper right-hand corner of my second monitor, preventing me from closing or minifying other programs that are open on that screen (some kind of funky invisible overlay, maybe an invisible notification, no clue)
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    I'm pretty sure the black screen in those electron apps is happening when memory runs out, like the "oh snap, it crashed" screen in Chrome, but less informative. But since it's just a webview the reload always helps for me as well.
    So yes this is a problem 100% related to using electron as the rendering engine
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    I have always solved this by disabling hardware acceleration (I usually get this when screen-capturing chrome or slack)
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