Now I remember why I don't work from home.

It's 3pm and I've managed about an hour's work today -- most of which was debugging something really dumb. Lunch took me 2 freaking hours because I had help from a noisy smoke detector (EEEERH! EEEERH! EEEERH! EEEERH! ad nauseam), and everything kept going wrong. Girlfriend went to the store to pick up groceries; they were order-online groceries from a store 6 minutes away, so idk why it's taken over an hour. Now the smoke detector is pretending to "go to work" by watching youtube, and when that gets boring, he fights with his baby brother and steals his toys.

Children are fun and all, but they require 98% of your attention. and fuck, nobody else in this house makes any money, why the hell am I stuck watching them? While working!?


Update: now the smoke detector is taking the computer apart with a random electric screwdriver i haven't seen in years, and the baby suddenly has no pants.

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    Ah kids, there's a reason I don't work from home too 😂
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    Okay, so let's optimize this favorite_package flow.

    I'm pulling a user's last `n` purchases, and bailing if they're a jerk who won't buy anything. Then I'm converting those into packages...

    Mommy! Mommy! I want red spider mines!

    fajsdf. okay. Mommy's working, though, so you have to be quiet okay? Mommy needs to focus.

    Okay, back to work. again. So I'm pulling a user's last `n` purchases, bailing if they're a jerk, convering them to packages. wait, i can save some roundtrips by preloading all of the packages for the game they're on. that should b...

    Mommy! Mommy!
    Look! I want shoot it! I WANT SHOOT IT! IT BEEPS!

    That's your team, silly. Shoot the blue robots and nodes, not the red ones. Yes, it's your team. They're your friends. Shoot the mean blue ones that shoot you!

    Now, where was I? Right, pre-loading the packages.
    ... alright, that should work. Now i'm tallying up the purchases by sku, now i'm ... plucking purchased skus out? why? ... oh, so i can filter the preloaded package by them. right, because i was picking the most common ones, and that's significantly faster. oh, i see, the comment describing that is later on. I sould move that when I'm don...


    -.- What now? oh, your tank is stuck. okay. let me fix that. Wait, you want the super fancy weird tank? not the normal tank? Okay, here's the fancy tank. Sorry, the "weird tank."

    'kay... where was i? Right, the tallies. but what's the data format, since i chagned this recently? ugh, idk. Let's go through this again. Okay, so I'm pulling a user's last `n` purchases, pre-loading packages, tal ....


    oh hell.
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    @Root that is so relatable.
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    Took me a minute to put the "smoke detector" into context 😁

    so I can enjoy wfh while mine doesn't talk yet. Stays busy with either his box of toys or some paper boxes from my escooter and a few bigger parcels 😁
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    I love by myself so have no problem wfh... But I'm single.

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    @C0D4 ah kids, the reason I don't have any
    (It's a joke, you have as many kids as you want)
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    Now I understand why my lead gets back to work so tired after week of wfh
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    @saucyatom I some how signed up for a buy 1 get 1 free offer - that fine print really gets you.
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    @Puroguramingu I'm going to be making a good bit over six figures in three weeks. 😊 the secret is getting someone else to watch them while you're working.
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