So my car has a problem with a steering column lock. Sometimes the actuator pops an error and it does not unlock until I clear that buggar. Carrying a lappy with vag-com seems somewhat annoying so I got a obdeleven bluetooth dongle with am app.

Once you get it to work it works perfectly. Have been using it for a few years now. It's like a half a year or so since it got a last update and it's been stable as a rock since.

Today me and my fam took a night out with a car. Drove here, drove there, had fun. Time to go home, as the little one is getting sleepy. Got in a car, insert a key, turn it -- no ignition. Damn that steering lock!

So I pop in a dongle, open the app, hit connect,... Wait, what is that? A toast with "a new update is available. [[update now]] [[cancel]]".

Cancel ofc, I need to go home asap! Will gladly get the update when the kiddo is in his bed!

[[cancel]]. The toast disappears. Okay, now [[connect]]

"a new update is available. [[update now]] [[cancel]]"

mother f#$@%!!! Allright already, [[update]] it ffs.

Updated the app. Now [[connect]].

Loading.. Loading... "could not connect to device"


Reinsert the dongle, connect
restart the app, connect
restart the phone, connect
clear all bt devices, connect
do the rain dance, connect.

Permission to panic: GRANTED.

Dear devs. If you are rolling out an update -- never ever EVER make it non-postponable, non-cancelable. No matter how critical, your updates must NEVER be mandatory.

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    If your car is old enough, you might be able to get by with a paper clip. I've had a few cars over the years that needed resetting regularly just to keep them working.
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    @ganey 2005 a6. How do I reset it with a paper clip?
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    @netikras hmm, seems it might be difficult on ODB-II

    You might do better with a cheap wired VAG ODB tool so you don't rely on the phone software.

    I'm dreading when my Bluetooth one breaks for my BMW, it was stupidly expensive :(
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    @ganey There is a special need -- the dongle must work w/o ignition on :) Of all the cheapos I've tried none did that. Only OBDEleven (not that cheap) could operate in such conditions.

    Are there any dongles that are designed for just one thing -- clearing all the errors w/o any need for human interaction? I mean like you plug it in, wait a few seconds and all the errors get cleared.

    I'm just grasping straws here :)
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    @netikras I'm not aware of anything purpose built but I also haven't looked for a few years.

    You might be able to program an Arduino or raspberry pi to do it, ODB adapters exist for both.

    If you set it as the boot script on the device you could probably just add a simple power switch for the rpi/Arduino so it only runs it when you need it. That way you can hide the device behind the car dash or something.

    It's a while since I looked at OBD so I'm not sure which commands you need to run.
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    @ganey Thanks :) that's an option, but since I'm very short on time I guess that'll remain as an theoretical oppurtunity :)
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