Theres so many motherfucking command line utilities in web development that I'm surprised there isn't a 128 megabyte NPM install for a leftpad CLI.

God damn people who develop tooling for web development are some navel gazing cunts.
"How can I feel more self important? Lets put a CLI in front of this web bundler!"


What happened to the days of purity? Of cleanliness? Of kosher compliant web development, where all you had to do was include a script tag?

Gone are those days. Welcome to Babel(on)!
I put a CLI in your CLI so you can masturbate while you masturbate!

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    It's because it hasn't yet dawned on most folks in the web dev domain that dependencies are also a liability.

    No wonder given that web development in general is riddled with people who just hack together some semi-workable shit on the quick.

    Failing already at total basics such as valid HTML and CSS is not the exception, but the norm for websites. Next to nobody gives a fuck about any level of quality craftsmanship.
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    This is why I refused to use Node/NPM until two years ago. Broken dependencies were completely out of hand in the past.
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    ain't nobody got time fo dat!

    like working at the coalface of madness, quantity is all that matters.

    And here we are, oliver twist, looking up at the master of the orphans and saying "please sir, more npm libraries!"
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