Forgot to drink water? Focus loss.
Forgot to write microtasks? Focus loss.
Didn't wear trousers when it's cold? Focus loss.
Forgot to meditate? Focus loss.
Forgot to think about how I feel? Focus loss.
Forgot to eat? Focus loss.
Didn't exercise? Focus loss.
Assumed that little pain in my ribs is cancer? Focus loss.
Got annoyed by something my boss said? Focus loss.
Did I forget to listen to instrumental music instead of stand up comedy? Focus loss.
Can't find instrumental music that I like and didn't listen too many times? Focus loss.
Did I sleep too little? Focus loss.

Everything is a pitfall. I am a goddamn house of cards.

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    Did I got plenty of task? Focus loss🤷
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    Did I read this rant despite knowing it is going to be a focus loss? Yeah. focus loss, indeed
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    Hocus Pocus — Focus
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    @electrineer I don't think a yelling dutch will help much...
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    @jesustricks I'm pretty sure a yelling @linuxxx would help
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    | || || |_
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    Opening dR -- focus loss.
    A fly on a screen - focus loss.
    Trying to take a sip of coffee from an already emptied mug - focus loss and a bummer
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    @electrineer *yells with a very tiny voice*
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    shut up and focus (no offense)
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    @netikras the sip on the empty mug is interesting.

    the last sip is a psychological thing. you know the mug is about to go empty, so your mind prepares for that and sends a satiation signal.

    but when you take the last sip without paying attention that doesn't happen, so you can't reach that satiation, leaving you a bit confused and depressed.

    you might also feel embarassed about being bothered by a so called first world problem, so add shame into the mix.
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    Am I breathing? Focus loss
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    @jesustricks when you do the last sip and don't notice it's the last one and then 3 minutes later you reach out for the mug hoping to "take one more sip, be it the last one - that's allright, but the sip is what I want right now"...

    And the mug is empty...

    Confusion, a little bit of anger, disappointment, [could it be all the 5 stsges? Feels familiar], formulating that as a [new] problem, looking for possible solutions, locking your PC and going to make another cup, coming back distracted by coleagues at the kitchen and finally having the sip which is no longer bringing the satisfaction you were hoping for nor is wanted that much.

    Needless to say - focus loss 😁
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