Black friday is coming and I don't even know what I want/need ... :(

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    Nokia 7.2 is on my list
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    why do you even want to need something so desperatly?
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    @coffeeholic because usually mid-Dec I come to need something and am sorry I haven't thought of that when I could abuse Black Friday discounts .

    Every year this happens :/
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    That's why I keep an all year up to date wishlist. There is rarely more than two items on it. I only buy after a few months or when there is a huge discount. This way I also buy less things I don't actually need.
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    You crave the hunt. The peril of the tidal surge of humanity, and the random acts of violence over pennies. Hopped up on your single annual serving of cranberry sauce, you are driven to new heights of madness, and now you're addicted. Your body knows it's coming soon, but it can't understand that it's merely close, not yet time, so you're just filled with an ambiguous need.

    Or am I the only one who has that reaction to cranberry sauce?
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    @groxx umm.. are you okay man?
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    @groxx that was wonderful.
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    @netikras Careful with those "discounts", because in Europe it is fairly common to raise the price before Black Friday and then "discount" it back to original or even to higher than it used to be. I once saw this ridiculous sale on a phone prepaid card giving "operator cash" worth of 50 of my local currency that was discounted from 150 to 50.
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    Huawei watch gt 2😍
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    @arraysstartat1 That's quite common here, yes. We often observe this sort of "cheating" in our local stores as well :) Sometimes they don't even bother to remove the original price -- they just stick the new "discounted" price label on top.

    An example I've seen in one of our stores: BlackFriday price: 19€. If I carefully peal off the sticker saying 19€ I find an old price sticker underneath saying 13€ :)
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    You probably don't need anything, then ;)
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    Don't buy what you don't need.
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    Follow-up: I bought the Nokia 7.2
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