I've grown so dependent on my code editor for daily work. If someone takes away my code editor (intelliJ) I am effectively handicapped. Won't even know if the syntax of the language I am writing in daily for the last two years is correct.

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    what language r u working with? last time I checked it out with groovy and java it totally failed me (basically nonworking autocomplete)
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    @mojo2012 works perfectly with java [if the project is set up properly; if it is not - you will have autocomplete and hughlight issues].

    Hardly works for groovy, that's true
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    @mojo2012 java or golang
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    @netikras well it kinda has autocomplete, just it doesn’t work well. eg. it doesn’t give proper feedback for overloaded constructors. compared to eclipse it feels like 20year old tech.
    and why doesn’t it compile my code (and hot code replace it) while debugging ...
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