iPhone alarm clock suddenly stopped playing sounds this week (again), fortunately my wake up time is not critical.

After every major osx upgrade I feel that I need to restart macbook more and more often cause system suddenly hangs.

Yesterday I spotted that after each restart there is information that if system hangs on login screen for a while I should restart computer again ( well thanks for advice that I don’t have to wait till I die ).

Cursor randomly disappears after I connected microsoft usb mouse ( microsoft mouse eating cursor from apple windows ).

Why I use microsoft mouse you ask ? That’s the best thing microsoft made, it’s literally indestructible. I dropped and kicked that mouse hundred times, still works perfectly fine.

I think also somehow osx forced minor bug fix upgrade once without my permission so they’re slowly going the forgotten microsoft path that is always forcing updates you don’t want to install in this particular moment.
Because their engineers know better when and why I want to update.

Looks like Apple engineering is slowly degrading or QA care less about older hardware users.

I am not used to buy new shit when old works just fine, those shiny little things are my work tools not something I show around to impress people how cool I am.

That’s all disappointing but still better then windows experience cause didn’t reinstalled osx from scratch since almost 5 years and it’s working at the same speed like it was new ( not impressed linux users here but from my previous experience with windows “registry” that means something and this hardware already paid for itself).

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    like the default alarm on the phone? That's freakin awesome, I needed an excuse for showing up five hours late today 😅
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    On my end after each major upgrade things got better except for this one, my mac is just slower, takes more time to re-open everything + every time I run my app from XCode the system shows that:
    Verifying ABC

    WTF is this, if each file gets written or changed will undergo verification, this makes macOS a huge Norton Anti virus that is there just to cripple the system ....
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    Stop dropping and kicking your mouse this is a pet friendly site. Thank you
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    This is why I set several alarms on different devices.

    One of which is plugged into an UPS for extra likelihood of it working..

    There is even a clockwork solution to hand as well !

    I thought modern technology was supposed to be super reliable.. :-)
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    Talking of mice, I got a new mouse recently and it solved a problem I had been having for years/decades !

    Scrolling in folder view with images on in Windows OS.

    Before, no matter what mouse I tried, MS one, some other type (I've about 30 to test..) they all had the same effect.

    Which was, runaway scroll.

    Scroll once or twice, fine, scroll a few more times, suddenly it whizzes past and stops miles away from where you wanted to be..

    New mouse, doesn't do that !

    I wonder why ?


    New mouse is an older Corsair model.
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    @Nanos interesting I never had such problems or I just don’t remember about it.
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    Some folk are blessed, some cursed it seems !

    I can find an issue with just about every single product within minutes, or seconds sometimes !

    This new mouse, the cord comes out in the wrong place, on the left hand side instead of the middle..

    And the software application for it, doesn't work correctly, so you have to fiddle around, save the settings to the mouse, and then never use it again !

    Now I think my finger is wearing out.. :-(
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    Five years without OS reinstall? No Win7 reinstall here over the last nine years, and shit's still fine and fast.
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    @Fast-Nop yeah but in the meantime I updated OS two versions up without any problems.
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    @vane Well that's something I would not even want with Win7 because it went downhills from there. Guess everything becomes crappier everywhere, even in Linuxland with Poettering's fuckups.
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    I'm reminded of an NT4 server here that managed something like 15 years without needing a reinstall.

    It only got junked because you could get a replacement to do the same task for $10 and the size of a packet of smokes.
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