I'm genuinely contemplating changing my career to an IT support role from my current web dev endeavors.

I have become rather disinterested for quite some time with web development, I've been working with React, Angular, the regular Wordpress stuff with the theme building/modifying, headless instances, plugin development and whatnot and all of these have become more of a chore than anything else.

I'm leaning towards an IT support role as I genuinely have more interest in a user support/infrastructure support role than a developer role, the question is, is it doable ?. I know my way around Windows and Linux Servers, know LDAP, Active Directory, BASH, Powershell, Networking, can do cabling and whatnot but I don't have the experience to show off those.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated

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    What about becoming a devops boy and working on CI/CD
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    @alexbrooklyn ngl I have thought about it but devops, CI /CD is more or less the same thing I've been doing times ten. Its kinda like tech support for developers
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    That’s what Wordpress will do to you. It takes your soul
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    @Orn- ci/Cd is very far from what you’ve been doing. Devops branches into so many areas it’ll keep you busy for life. Laying lan lines won’t pay more then an experienced web dev role. Unless all you do is Wordpress, those devs tend to get suckered into working for nothing. My agency pays them 11$ an hour where the react devs make 35$ an hour
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