Me: *Make a PR*

Seniors: *takes 5 days to review* This must be changed

Me: Okay. *Make changes and PR on same day*

Seniors: *takes another 7 days to review* Oh, you also need to change this

Me: really? Okay. *do the changes*

Seniors: Well, I'm gonna accept it. But maybe you should rework all the integration later.

Me: what.

I'm super tired of this shit.

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    You: Expecting seniors to put you to the highest priority.
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    @aviophile it's not my priority, it's my department priority lmao
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    i dunno, our seniors are super exited about reviews, what else they can laugh at
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    Reviews are a good source of learning and very important for maintenance. If I were you, I'd be glad to have a senior who takes reviews seriously. It can be tiring but it's worth it. If you need motivation, just compare the code you push after review with your initial push.
    Reviewing can be tiring too. There's a junior in my team and due to past experiences I always have to take out more time than necessary to review his code just to get over the mental stress. I know I'll have to make him redo a lot so I have to keep recharging my patience levels before I can submit my comments. Sometimes, that takes more than a day or two.
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    @dr-ant don't misunderstand me. I am glad I am part of the team and they review my things, but is more like they spend lot of days and I have pressure for my department and sometimes is stressful the fact that they don't tell me the things in the first review.

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    @UnsignedFoo I can understand. But hey, if you pushed it and it's stuck in review stage, you can't really be blamed.
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    Why make another PR ? Just rebase edit the existing PR and force push the branch. By this there wont be millions of PRs.
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    @Haxk20 whoopsie, I wanted to say commit
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    @UnsignedFoo ah makes much more sense.
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    Software development is all about short feedback loops. Either the team needs to commit to reviewing promptly or the PRs are trying to achieve to much.

    Small changes often is the key to success.
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