Seems like everyone here is a web developer. As someone who had never made a website before (I do C# Unity things) except a hello world calculator in notepad, what's the best way to make a small website with a few pages?

It will be mostly to post my projects, like an online resume. I'd like to make look like material design on Android.

Should I just go and start experimenting with css and html in a code editor until I get something I like? Or are there any frameworks or tools to make the job easier?


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    Wix, but I use resumonk to host my resume.
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    I would build your resume with react sense there seems to be a lot of support linking react and unity. On the flip side I’m writing a react web app that will be embedded in a unity app
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    Raw HTML/CSS, boiii
    That's what I used for my website, since it's just static you don't need much
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    Usual about/tech/cv kinda site?
    Just use wix or a generator of some kind - plenty out there for this kind of thing

    If you have some working knowledge or want to get your hands dirty, build something static and host it on Git(hub/lab) pages.
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    Not all of us are degenerates.
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    The best way imo is using Vue and Vue router. That shit's just so good to work with
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    Over-engineer it with react+redux because why not? Or just grab a html template somewhere and mod it with notepad
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    Pay a designer, then pay a webdev for an static site. Do not fall for an unnecessary CMS
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    @willhertz or be a programmer and learn how to do it
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    Throw in some html and css. Jquery (dont kill me) if you need some interactivity. And put it up on github pages.
    I use vue personally for mine, but thats because i already know it, and might be an overkill.
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    HTML and CSS are fine for static sites. Maybe pick up a static site generator if there are loads of pages.
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    @dUcKtYpEd a programmer can learn to throw together some HTML+css very fast, but doing it right and making it look good is not for everyone. Most programmers aren't designers (visual/graphics) and won't be.
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    @willhertz nor want to....
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    Visual Studios and MVC.
    It helped me a lot going into something new when I already had base knowledge to build upon.
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