What Google services are you still using? Earlier this year I made a conscious decision to avoid Google services if I can. I successfully got off gmail and gcal. Because I have yet to find viable alternatives, I am still using:

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    Android (well, only sort of. MicroG)
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    youtube is sadly very hard to avoid...
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    - YouTube (but often through hooktube)
    - AOSP
    - Sometimes the play store because loads of devs don't publish the APK's as downloads but through Aurora (FOSS play store frontend/proxyish app)

    That's it.
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    @linuxxx Too sad, that aurora is too buggy to use properly on my phone.
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    @jesustricks Sad that even with all the demonetisation pretty much everyone stays on youtube.
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    @JFK422 Have you tried Yalp?
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    mail / gsuite - enterprise free version
    youtube - with history turned off
    maps - sometimes (trying not to use any location services)
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    That's all pretty much, all of these are super hard to avoid and lack a better/more convenient alternative

    Who even uses gboard or voice?
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    youtube and mail, but trying to get rid of mail
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    I'm using more than ever.

    Calendar, notes, gmail, YouTube, their messaging app (sms one), Android, assistant, a Pixel phone, obviously the search engine, chrome, and probably more I can't think of atm.
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    Stadia. That's the only Google product I'm not using
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    it's funny how most of us didn't even include google search, as if it was as essential as breathing...

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    @jesustricks I very, very hardly use googles search 😄
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    Yeah, I use DDG.
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    Download fdroid you will find all kind of alternatives
    Ex: YouTube - NewPipe
    Google Maps - Maps (osm)
    Keyboard - Anysoft
    Google - ddg
    Gmail - protonmail
    Chrome - brave
    Music - Newpipe will work for online and for offline there is simple mobile apps(open-source versions)
    Playstore- yalpstore
    If you can flash custom rom try eelo rom or Lineage os rom.
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    @bahua maybe true for you guys, but the hard minority...
    also you guys didn't mention it so I assumed you were using it...
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    Newpipe is still just talking to YouTube.
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    @-pthread Brave is just Chromium with some added features, I'd put Firefox there.
    Also I'd personally swap protonmail with tutanota.com.
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    Adding my voice in support of fastmail, combined with a mailgun account.
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    - Android (can't avoid it yet)
    - YouTube occasionally
    - Maps (on the rare occasion I need directions)
    - Translate (very rarely)

    For work:
    - gmail (because "security")
    - google drive (because "security")
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    @linuxxx download exodus privacy and compare brave and Firefox you'll know which is better. In short, firefox app contains analytics and trackers but brave is free of them. Brave have also removed many google components. Even firefox privacy app contains trackers. Why i wrote brave cause it's close to chrome without any scary part if you want more privacy then install privacy browser.
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    @bahua yep, but there is no google account. So, amount of tracking will reduce definitely and YouTube is very hard to avoid so, this is suboptimal solution.
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    @linuxxx About tutanota i know it's open-source and privacy oriented but i've been using protonmail before tutanota was even there and many privacy experts trust it.
    So, i don't wanna switch it.
    Though if you want absolute privacy use guerrilla mail from tor browser.
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    @JFK422 Are you sure you have the correct Aurora? Check the version. It's easy to accidentally get a legacy version.
    Also, as linuxxx said, check out Yalp.
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