A guy I work with put some sort of network scanning software on his phone. It reported 2 machines on our network with the word "China" in them.
So I changed the name of my machine to "Russian-Hacker".

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    If they don't make you change it back in a week - let me know. I know some people who would be very interested in getting access to your computer. Not for free ofc!

    Btw you know cyrillic, right?

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    I hope I'm reading this right. Let us know the results hehe
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    @netikras I tried putting in "Русский Xакер" which says "Russian Hacker" in Russian. However, it didn't show up correctly when I opened a console. So I was not sure it would show up properly as the machine name to the network.
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    @netikras Heh, had to install samba
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    Apparently samba supports unicode properly. So now my machine shows Русский Xакер on the network.
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